“Big Blue Boy Scout” No More!

“Big Blue Boy Scout” No More!

However, in the revamped and launched “New 52” version in 2011 of Clark Kent has also lost both his earthly parents before coming to the Daily Planet. So Superman doesn’t have the elderly Kents urging him to make nice with the world. Superman’s attitude reflected of the modern world and has a lot more cynicism and doubt about people than the previous, “Big Blue Boy Scout” version of Superman.

Previous encounters with people he thought to be fellow Kryptonians, Power Girl (All Star Comics #58 (January/February 1976), who is, in fact from the Krypton of the Earth-Two universe (The Flash #123, 1961) and Mon-El (Superboy #89, June 1961) have led to disappointment.

The arrival of Supergirl (Action Comics #252, May 1959), who has been confirmed to be not only from Krypton, but also his cousin, has relieved this loneliness somewhat (Superman: Family” Action Comics 850, July 2007).